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Delkevic Racing headed off to Anglesey using the coastal circuit configuration for round 6 of the Thundersport GB championship.


A complete change in conditions for this meeting compared with the washout at Donnington Park for the previous meeting, hopefully this would be a good thing...

Despite tyre trouble, Liam showed his strengths and got himself into good positions over the course of the weekend and put in some very respactable times. Carl had some bike issues early in the weekend and a crash on the first race day but things did improve and he finished strong. Chris made progress throughout the weekend bringing laptimes down and finsihing just outside the top ten overall.


See each rider's race report below to read how they got in more detail.

Liam Marchant – Race Report TSGB Anglesey



Test day was a steady day trying different ways to get a bit more comfort on the bike but in the end felt reasonably comfortable after bolting on some extension plates to the rear sets getting into the mid-10s was where I expected to be.

Sunday Qualifying - Qualifying was a strange one didn't really find a groove with a mass of traffic eventually ending up 14th overall 12th in class wasn't were I really wanted to be as I knew this would make the mega laps an uphill struggle.

Sunday Race - Starting 14th on the grid I got the start from hell dropping down to 17th on lap 1 and lap by lap slowly picking off riders I felt quite good and eventually found myself on my own in 9th but didn't have enough left in the tyre to keep up a pace which would of been top 6 ended up finishing 9th but putting a lap time of 1:09.8 putting me 7th for Mondays 2 feature races.




Monday race1 - Starting 7th on the grid and opting to try a Dunlop rear tyre ntec 2, I got the best start I have had in 3 years cutting across and dropping into 5th behind Jonathan Lodge. It was a lap and half before I really got any feel in the Dunlop tyre but then really started to feel good putting in low 1:09s consistently and moving into a comfortable 4th but about 10 laps in the feeling and grip started to disappear meaning lack of rear grip and dropping back to 8th so really not happy but such is life I finished the race and gained championship points.

Monday Race 2 - Starting from 7th again and this time trying the Dunlop Moto 2 tyre in the hope this would hold up a bit better. I was confident but it became apparent on lap 1 this was completely the wrong tyre choice taking 2 and half laps to feel anything from the rear I was dropping through the pack like a stone before eventually finding some grip. By this time, it was too late and finished somewhere that far back I may of not of bothered. Saying that all in all enjoyed the weekend and confidence is getting better and better on the new zx10rr on only my 4th race meeting.

A big thank you to Paul Dyer of Delkevic UK Ltd, Lisa at Blackbird Corporate Ltd, SharePoint Training Specialists, Drury Engineering, Colin Port Images for great photos as always. Mark and the lads at Holbeach Mc Tyres. I Learn Education, Shelly and Paul, My Dad for always been there. Mum Kerry and the Krays. Carl at CV Racing and Chris and the team of Delkevic Racing. Thundersport GB and the guys in orange the Marshall for standing out in the blistering heat all weekend - Legends.

Chris Spooner race report TSGB Anglesey 2019



Saturday Testing: As my previous visit to the Anglesey circuit was some 10 years ago, I had in mind to be looking at lap times of 1.20 to begin with and work hard over the weekend to bring those times down and hopefully be competitive. With the air temperature in the high 20’s it was good conditions to get dialled in for the 2 days racing ahead. Session by session, as the circuit became more familiar, I recalled certain lines I was taking years from my ZXR400 racing days and l began to learn what the CB500 was capable of around here.

Sunday Qualifying: This being my third meeting with Thundersport GB and now being fully aware of the calibre of rider in this frantic 500 class, it was imperative to get some clear space on circuit to try to put in a flying lap. Eager as ever, I was one of the first into the assembly area waiting for our qualifying session to go live. Feeling confident on the new Dunlop tyres put in for the weekend I pushed and was pleased to see my pit board displaying P3 in class and with 2 minutes remaining, figured I’d done what I needed – only to come round on the next lap to see that change to P4! Trying hard for one last lap was not enough to place me any higher, so P4 in class and 13th on the grid.

Sunday Race 1: Qualifying in 13th place put me on the outside of the circuit which is perfect placing for the first 2 corners and with 12 CB500s in front I knew the entry into turn 1 would be crucial to getting free from the mid pack riders. As it happened this is exactly where I ended up and came around after lap 1 in 14th place, then lap 3 down to 15th with a battle on my hands with Paul Manning which turned out to be a great race. With a rider down and getting the better of Manning on lap 4, despite being hassled by him for the remaining 6 laps, I crossed the line in 13th place overall and 5th in class.

Sunday Race 2: Not getting a great start I found myself in the gaggle of riders mid pack through the first turn and ran wide onto the curbing on the outside of track which lost me some time which meant I was not in the best position for turn 2 of ‘the banking’ hairpin. Having given away some places I had some work to do and despite my best efforts, this time losing out to Paul Manning the best I could do was 15th overall but still a solid 5th in class and more importantly for me, lap times were in the 18s.

Monday Race 3: Delkevic Racing team manager, Lisa Foster had pointed out that my starts had let me down in the 2 races on Sunday and with this firmly at the front of my mind for race 3 on Monday, I was fired up for the race start! For Mondays 12 lap races, I would be starting from 14th on the grid after the mega laps shuffle. Trying a different technique, I got away well and made places up instantly. Over the line after the first lap I was placed 8th overall and I was keeping pace with those in front. Lap 2, heading up the bank towards the left of Rocket the bike jumped out of gear from 6th to 5th which unsettled the bike (and rider) and lost me 2 places instantly. The Thundersport 500 is such a close race that the slightest mistake costs you big and this lost me ground on the top group, relegating me to 11th by lap 4. Trying to claw back some time and at a disadvantage with now having to roll the throttle at the end of the back straight to avoid jumping out of gear, this already insanely difficult race just got harder! I had a race on my hands battling with Dave King throughout this race but couldn’t make a pass stick and had to settle for 11th overall crossing the line just 0.2 behind King. Another 5th in class and now breaking into the 17s, I was happy with the result.

Monday Race 4: Again, the poor starts from Sunday had me super keen for the last race of the weekend. Lights out and off the line almost as good as in the previous race, I made up a couple of positions into turn 1 which placed me well but lost out on the back straight with not quite having all of 6th gear available. Enjoying the race at hand with Dave King again I was looking for way through and had a plan for the last couple of laps. On the penultimate lap, I’d figured if I could get the run into the corkscrew, I could challenge him there. The plan for this started from Rocket and as I throttled towards Rocket Out the rear wheel stepped out and I lost maybe a tenth or 2. Composed, with good entry into Peel the rear tyre protested as I tried to get the drive out and again lost more time. With my pit board showing I had over a 10 second lead over the next man and knowing the 2 guys in front weren’t in my class, I made the decision to back off a couple of seconds and bring it home safely in 11th overall and 5th in class.

In Summary: So, my 3rd meeting with TSGB and the plan to make steady progress throughout the weekend went well all in all. With 5th in class in all 4 races, getting my times down the 17s and knocking on the door of the top ten overall I felt that I had come a long way compared to that first meeting at Mallory Park where I didn’t even qualify for the main event, ending up in the cup race. This progress can only come with the help and support of all involved and I am constantly reminded of what a great team I have around me over these weekends. I can’t thank Carl and Lisa of CV Racing enough for all of their help, support and advice – especially this weekend where Lisa ran around (literally) like an absolute nutter to ensure she was on pit wall immediately after Carl’s races to give me my pit board which was a huge help for this meeting. Thank you to Delkevic UK Ltd for their product support with exhausts and Simon Colclough at The Motorbike Mover and CV Racing for giving me bikes to race on. Colin Port Images for the amazing photos, Mum, Dad and Mellissa Rhodes for their continued support. As I am not racing at Cadwell for round 7, my next outing will be the final round of the season at Oulton Park although I’ll be looking to get out in between for some testing and hopefully sort the gearbox for then.

Carl Vickers Race report - Anglesey Thundersport GB August 2019



No Limits track day Friday 23 Aug 19 -
A good opportunity to track test the new dry engine and get some idea on which way to go with the gearing and give the bike a shake down before the formal test day. However not everything went to plan, with the bike breaking down in the fifth session of the day, with what ultimately looked like a defective fuel pump.

Thundersport GB test day Saturday 24 Aug 19 -
Having changed the fuel pump the night before, the dry bike seemed to be running well, however it did seem to be running very rich (which was totally different to how it had performed on the dyno). Content the bike was not losing any oil and the fuelling was safe to run we concentrated on getting the gearing spot on for max drive with the new gearbox ratios.

Race day 1 Sunday 25 Aug 19
Qualifying – Up and ready to go, however the weather had other ideas, thick fog looked like we were likely to have a delay to proceedings of several hours. However, as quick as the fog had settled in it cleared, Bernadette being ready as always resulted in a delay of only 30 minutes. Qualifying was a little frustrating in the latter half, with it hard to get a clear lap, but managed a P11 with a time way off my best, which so happens to be exactly the same time as Kane Langston at 1:14.461!

Race 1 - not a bad start, settled in quite early on behind Liam Vella and Dave Langley, as we approached back markers in the 5th lap I was very aware that I needed to get past after peel or face losing contact with the pack ahead. Pushing harder than I perhaps should have, I lost the rear and was high sided out of the seat on the way down the hill to the corkscrew! “I’ve got this!” Hanging on with the illusion I could stop the bike and re-join the chase. I was applauded by the sizeable crowd on the hill as I made my way with boots smoking! It was not to be as I finally lost the front just before the grass (met with a sympathetic ahhhh by the crowd). The bike would not start again, which we suspected the fuel pump being faulty once again.

Race 2 - having fixed the very minor damage from race 1 and swapped the fuel pump from the known good on the wet bike, we also removed the air filter hoping that would help with the overly rich fuelling. I set off for the warm up lap, the bike seemed to be miss firing a little, but being an optimist, I hoped that it would get better in the race! Lights out and I saw more bikes overtake me off the line than in my first ever race. It was obvious the bike was not running properly so I came back in before finishing the first lap! A second DNF of the day.

Warm up race day 2 - having replaced the air filter and checked the bike seemed ok, I went out to do a proper test, but got no further than the holding bay where it seemed to splutter and then stall! Back to the awning with much to do in very little time before the first race of the day.



Race 3 - having swapped all the suspension, wheels and exhaust over from the dry bike to the wet bike, I went out and did a successful warmup lap on a new Pirelli tyre (which I haven’t run on the bike for years). The bike was running well, slightly down on power, but still managed to hit a good terminal speed through the speed trap despite the amount the Pirelli likes to move about (not as planted for me as the Michelins). I settled down to finally get some points and a little damage limitation.

Race 4 - slight tweak with the gearing so I was not revving out going into the corkscrew in second so much and with my comfy Michelin tyres. A good start but a unfortunately the race was red flagged due to a few riders going down and the track being contaminated. For safety of all riders a red flag was put out to clear the track of contamination which saw us back to the paddock for an early lunch. On the restart, the warm up was a bit hairy in the first corner, where grip was not ‘quite’ as good as it was previously, a steady race, happily sitting behind Ryan Garside for a solid 6th place in class.

Many thanks to Delkevic UK Ltd FUCHS Lubricants UK plc Scott Leathers Blackbird Corporate Ltd, SharePoint Training Specialists Helmet City Race Support HEL Performance JEM Race Composites Delkevic Racing LM Racing Colin Port Images Chris Spooner #PoweredByPops

Looking forward, dry bike’s carbs will be stripped and checked to see if we have a sticky float or any other issues, then setup again on the dyno so it is ready for Cadwell park in 4 weeks’ time thanks to Delkevic UK.