Delkevic Racing TSGB Cadwell Park

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Cadwell Park hosted the 3rd round of the Thundersport GB championship, where we had our 2 Delkevic team riders, Carl Vickers onboard his pre-injection R6 in the Golden Era supersport class and Liam Marchant riding the ZX10RR superstock machine in the GP1 class.



The round proved to be eventful as always - here's what the riders had to say about the weekend:

Carl Vickers (CV Racing):

Sunday Qualifying – Having spent the previous day just testing the dry bike, naturally qualifying was to be a wet one! As soon as I went out on the bike I felt as if something was not quite right with the setup, it was struggle to get comfortable and with doubts over setup, I felt I was not able to confidently push as hard as I would have liked to achieve a good grid position for the following races. My doubts ware confirmed with a qualifying time some 13 seconds off my PB on wet tyres, resulting in a disappointing 18th place grid position for the races.




Race 1 – Unfortunately cut short due to a red flag incident, not good if your name is Daniel (as all 3 DNF’s were Daniels!), Wishing Daniel Jones a speedy recovery from his incident at Hall bends. With the lap count back I managed a respectable top 10 finish on the misbehaving wet bike, destroying a new set of wets on the drying track in the process!



Race 2 – Finally a dry race, Quickly getting settled and feeling comfortable on the dry bike, after the mayhem of a start in the middle of the pack I started to get into my stride. However having qualified so poorly earlier on the wet bike, passing so many riders in front that were very close in speed proved to be quite tricky at a track like Cadwell. Another top 10 finish in class with a time well off my PB but good for an improvement over my qualifying time for Megalaps, moving me up on the start grid by a couple of rows for the following days races.





Monday Race 3 - A good dry race to start the day, feeling confident out on my drybike (comfortable like a well worn set of boots) I had a good start and quickly settled down for the race ahead….However, on entering the left hander with my knee down, A rider (Kane Langston), crashed a couple of bikes ahead, which must have unsettled me, as whatever I did, my front very quickly and unforgivingly washed out, meaning I followed Kane into the grass and that was the end of that race!



Race 4 – The team quickly rebuilt the dry bike so it was ready and scrutineered for the next race, when called the grid formed up in the holding bay only for the heavens to open with a very heavy down pour. We were give 15 minutes to reform at rightly the race was declared a wet race. Following what was for many I am sure a frantic tyre change, I was back out on the wet bike for the final race of the weekend, a steady race, seeing another top 10 finish for some points in the championship.



Summary -All in all a little disappointed with the overall results for the weekend, despite the issues and crash, managed to secure some vital points, limiting the damage within the championship. Before the next round at Mallory we will be rebuilding the wet bike to find out what is not quite working, the dry bike will get good going over and service after the crash to check it is ready. Scott leathers will need to be repaired (after doing such a good job protecting me at Cadwell and the previous round at Snetterton). Many thanks to Delkevic UK Ltd FUCHS Lubricants UK plc Blackbird Corporate Ltd, SharePoint Training Specialists JEM Race Composites Helmet City Race Support HEL Performance Delkevic Racing Holbeach Mc Tyres Michelin Motorsport #PoweredbyPops Ian Boldy Superbike Photography for the pictures.



Liam Marchant (LM Racing):

Although I finished 4th I set the 3rd fastest lap of the race meaning another front row start for Mondays race.


Race 1 Monday
Got a good start and comfortable in 4th. Quarter of the way through the race I started to I suffered with really bad arm pump which is very unusual for me.  I became hard to pull in the brake lever but I continued to the end of the race finishing 9th overall but 8th in class gaining some valuable points.



Race 2
Wrong tyre choice – The heavens has opened, and we had to decide of which bike to take out for the race as it was also starting to dry by the time we took to the grid.  We made the decision to go for the wet bike thinking parts of the circuit would still have standing water. Following the warm up lap and into the start of the race I knew I had made the wrong choice in tyre and rather than destroy new wets and potentially risking coming off during the race, I made the decision to pull in.


Big thank you to my dad (Dave) for his ever present support and my family
Paul at Delkevic
Drury Engineering
Blackbird Corporate

CV Racing

Em for the pep talk
Dave Gregory for giving his weekend up and helping
And last but not least Rachel (Bean) for keeping me safe with them little fist pumps