Get A Free Exhaust

Fancy a FREE exhaust(1) by simply lending us your bike for the development of a new Delkevic product?

Do you live in or around Staffordshire?

Just follow these two steps:

  1. Contact us by email. Don’t forget to add several good pictures of your bike.
  2. If your motorcycle is selected, we would need to borrow(2) it on two separate occasions where we would use it to fit and test prototypes.

It’s that EASY! Your bike will be well looked after by our team of experts. Delkevic are constantly looking for different motorcycles to offer more exhausts to bikers like yourself.

Join us in developing a Delkevic exhaust for your bike!

(1) The free exhaust fits the loaned motorcycle.
(2) The bike loaning time varies depending on the model.